Our Manifest

Our Estancia La Floresta is highly committed to the sense of quality of life focused on chronic degenerative diseases. We provide assistance, company, respect and professionalism to people with special conditions with the best humanity that our trained staff offers. We create new bonds of satisfaction, life and experience, which make up a new great family for our guests. We focus on giving something more than just care and a place with excellent facilities, but a dignified, resilient and welcoming approach to living. In addition to creating a sustainable cultural and ethical environment, we have multiple therapies that accompany each process and that guarantee and support an improvement in those who need it. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals focused 24/7 to make sure this family works, they are the engine, being our guests, the heart of La Floresta.


We identify ourselves as a comprehensive care center specialized in chronic degenerative diseases, assisted living and retirement home, nationwide. With all the equipment that comes with the work of a great team of specialists and humans, dedicated to serving and caring for human quality in adult life. We implement a comprehensive functional community model, which starts from the humanitarian sense.


To be the best option for integral housing in adult life both in the provision of care and care services, such as residential and community, together with an excellent professional management that leads us to maximize the levels of satisfaction of residents and their families.


A fundamental part that La Floresta is governed by is its sense of Humanity, emphasizing each value that accompanies us in our philosophy and great love of neighbor, such as:

  • Patience
  • Solidarity
  • I respect
  • Amiability
  • Dignity
  • Professionalism to consecrate a community where these values ​​are shared.


Focused on providing a specialized service to our guests, we decided to integrate a work team that specializes in chronic degenerative diseases, managing to offer a great benefit for them based on therapies, treatments, specialized food and an independent nurse 24 hours a day, being one of our main differentiators how we stay.

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